Spitz SciDome planetariums are designed to be engaging, interactive, fulldome classrooms. Powered by Starry Night and The Layered Earth, SciDome brings realtime space and earth science into the dome’s unique teaching environment. Immerse students in SciDome’s interactive visual universe, and explore Earth’s 3D topography and layers in spectacular detail. (Text courtesy of Spitz Inc.)

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                                    Video by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.

The Julia Fowler Planetarium is one of the brightest and highest resolution planetariums in a 20' dome.
The Planetarium houses Spitz Inc.'s newest SciDome projection system:

Photo by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.

Photo by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.

Spitz Inc. SciDome IQ Series

The IQ series SciDome is Spitz Inc.'s newest and UHD projection system line up.

SciDome IQ 2560

Eastern University's Julia Fowler Planetarium has installed the SciDome IQ 2560, a hidden two-UHD-projector system. Both projectors use powerful software to create one seamless fulldome image. 


Brightness: 5,200 ANSI lumens
Dome Size: 20'
Resolution: 2560 x 2560 pixels
Location: Inside wall
Light Source: UHP

                                                Photo by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.

                                                Photo by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.


Spitz Inc.'s SciDome comes with the use of their patented SciTouch Handheld Controller.

Every aspect of a show can be controlled by SciTouch so we can present interactive astronomy shows, launch fulldome programs, and more. Unlike tablets and touch screen controllers, SciTouch is designed specifically for 360 degree dome control.

Only SciDome gives you SciTouch, a completely unique interactive dome controller that gives you direct contact with the visuals on the dome.

                            SciTouch™       Image by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.


    Image by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.

                         Video by Scott Huggins, Spitz Inc.

SciDome users current and future, please join us in July 2017 for Spitz Institute, our annual training and skills development event. Spitz Institute is divided into two sessions, with fundamental SciDome topics covered during the first session and more advanced concepts in the second. Attend one session or both, depending on your needs. We’ll explore planetarium education, with a focus on fulldome digital presentation for science learning. Courses cover curriculum and realtime planetarium demonstration for teaching, including a comprehensive introduction to Starry Night software. We’ll also explore production, digital audio, graphics, photography, and automation skills needed to create state-of-the-art educational programs. We look forward to seeing you at the Institute. (Text courtesy of Spitz Inc.)

Dr. Bradstreet and Steve Sanders have been teachers at the Spitz Institute for 10 years.