We offer a variety of public shows.  The following is a brief description of what each show entails and how they differ. 

Fulldome Movies

Fulldome movies are fully rendered and narrated movies, typically by someone famous such as Liam Neeson or Benedict Cumberbatch. Our line-up, which rotates quite often, consists of these shows: Stars, Black Holes, We are Astronomers, Solar Superstorms, and Astronaut

Live Sky Tonight

Live sky tonight shows are given by one of our planetarium instructors. These presentations are interactive and will showcase the constellations, planets, and other astronomical events happening on the night of your visit. 

Curriculum Series

In the Curriculum series we will dive into the Fulldome Curriculum which was created by Dr. Bradstreet. We will explore a variety of topics which cover (but are not limited to) the moon, planets, seasons, galaxies, time telling, coordinate systems, and more.